This section of the website was designed to help you identify vacancies that best complement your skills – and to show you how Elekta empowers talented individuals to improve, prolong and even save patient lives.

While we work to provide intelligent and resource-efficient solutions that offer confidence to healthcare providers and patients, among our most satisfying accomplishments is the ongoing personal development of our staff. It can be a rewarding and and empowering experience working at the forefront of pioneering medical technology.

Many new recruits progress quickly to play pivotal roles in maintaining the pace of innovation that propels Elekta’s success. That’s why we attract some of the world’s finest talent.

As you browse our website, we have a simple message for ambitious, gifted individuals who seek a new challenge: Discover more about how Elekta can energize your career and help you achieve your personal potential.

Elekta is proud to hire veterans

Accommodation for people with disabilities

EEO Statement

We are an equal opportunity employer. We evaluate qualified applicants without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, disability, veteran status, or any other protected characteristic. 

Special Accommodations

If you are an individual with a disability and require a reasonable accommodation to complete any part of the application process, or are limited in the ability or unable to access or use this online application process and need an alternative method for applying, please send a request to:

Elekta Inc. 
Recruitment & Staffing – Re: Application Accommodations 
400 Perimeter Center Terrace, 
Suite 50, Atlanta, GA 30346 
United States

Elekta Careers Information

You can make the most of your future at Elekta with career growth opportunities that considers your aspirations and needs. Ensuring you flourish in your job with Elekta is our priority. 

Below you will find the most current jobs. Click here to setup your profile and create job agents for future opportunities.

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Step 1: Search Open Positions

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Step 3: Resume Review

Step 4: Interview pre-screening with the Recruiter or Hiring Manager

Step 5:  The Interview

Step 6: Pre-Employment Background Screening

Step 7: Employment Offer

Step 8: Congratulations!

**You may view the status of their application by logging on to your online job profile.*

Employee Benefits At A Glance

We strive to attract the most qualified candidates, offering competitive pay  & exceptional benefits.

Employee Benefits

How may I submit my resume?
Once you have identified a position that matches your qualifications, please apply on-line. You will first need to complete a profile. Once your profile is complete, you may apply with or without a resume by choosing the appropriate button at the bottom of the page. Please note that submitting your resume more than once for the same job will not increase your chances of being contacted.
May I apply for more than one position at a time?
Yes.  BUT please keep in mind that the same resume and cover letter will be associated with each position.
May I send in my resume without specifying interest in a particular position/job number?
You may create your profile In our system but you should also continue to visit our website to review positions for which you feel that you meet the minimum qualifications.
If I submit a resume on-line, should I also e-mail a copy for the same position?
No, unless the job description specifically requests that additional information be submitted.  The Recruiters do not accept resumes via e-mail. In most cases, one resume submitted via the web site is sufficient. If you receive the application confirmation message and e-mail, you can be sure that we received your application. 
If a job was posted a few months ago and remains on the web site, is it really still open?
Yes. We update the job postings frequently. If a job is listed on our web site, it is considered open. Please be aware some jobs take longer to fill than others and may remain open for longer periods of time. If a department has a specific close date in mind, it will be noted in the job description section of the posting.
The salary ranges are quite wide. What can I expect as a starting salary?
Years and type of experience, internal equity, and external market data are reviewed in order to determine starting salaries. 
How do I know that you received my on-line resume?
Once you have submitted a resume, a pop-up window will appear thanking you for your submission. This is your confirmation that we have received your resume. If a problem occurs during the transmission of your resume, a pop-up window will appear citing the reason for the problem. You will be asked to resubmit your resume at that time. If you supply an e-mail address, you will also receive an e-mail confirmation within 24 hours. If you provide an e-mail address and don't receive confirmation, it is likely that the address was entered incorrectly.
What happens to my resume once I submit it?
Your work history and qualifications will be reviewed by the Recruiting Team. If they feel that there is an appropriate match between your skills and qualifications and those required in the position, your resume will be forwarded to the Hiring Manager.  We receive resumes from many qualified applicants and regret that we are not always able to  personally provide ongoing information on the status of a resume once it is forwarded to the hiring department. Candidates who are not selected will receive an e-mail notification when the position is filled.
When will I hear back from Elekta?
When you apply on-line, you will receive immediate web notification and an additional e-mail (if you supply an e-mail address) confirming that your material has been received.  Please understand that the review process takes time. You will be contacted by the recruiter or hiring manager if either feels that an initial screening would be appropriate.
Is there someone I can call to follow up with regarding my interest in Elekta?
Due to the high volume of applicants,  you must wait to be contacted by the Recruiter or Hiring Manager.  We receive resumes from many qualified applicants and regret that we are not always able to provide ongoing information on the status of a resume once it is forwarded to the hiring department.
Candidates are encouraged to log unto their profile to obtain the status of their application(s).  
May I contact the recruiting department or hiring manager to find out more about the job?
The recruiting departments prefers that you not contact them directly. You are welcome to visit the web site(s) of the department(s) v9a our website which interests you in order to find out more about the work being done there.  Otherwise, you will need to wait to be called for a pre-screening interview.
What types of files containing my resume may I upload?
You may upload Rich Text Format (RTF), Text (TXT), MS Word (DOC),   Or PDF files.
Be aware that graphics images are not stored as part of your uploaded document. Eliminating them from your resume and re-aligning any affected text will help improve your resume’s appearance.
Don’t worry if your resume text doesn’t perfectly align; most submitted resumes don’t appear perfectly formatted and our hiring managers are accustomed to this. On the other hand, if you preview your uploaded resume and see it has expanded to 20 pages in length, you might want to modify your resume’s formatting, and upload it again.

Purpose of an Interview


Employee Testimonials

  • "Elekta has truly exceptional solutions for cancer care, which makes it easy to believe in the company and its goals. It also provides great educational benefits and encourages continuous learning."

    Sr. Manager, Global Web and Strategy

  • “It’s an honor and pride to work for ELEKTA where you could touch the lives of people and make them better directly or indirectly. I got to know different people and how things work in different countries being part of a Regional team. It’s a multi-cultural, multi-lingual and multi-racial family working together to fight cancer.”

    Regional Product Support (ESI) Specialist

  • “I’ve been with Elekta for almost 5 years and every day I get to learn something new. My colleagues are very supporting and great to work with. “

    Pre-Test Engineer

  • I enjoy working for Elekta because all the people around me are very friendly, there is always somebody ready to help in any way possible, and it is a team always willing to achieve a common goal.

    In Elekta I feel like I could think out of the box and they listen, the market requires us to think different, to innovate in all possible ways to make the difference with our customers.

    Another important matter is that I am able to find in Elekta a balance and flexibility between work/life.

    I have been involved in Elekta in different geographies and markets, in all this places I have seen that it is always the same commitment and level of service to the medical community and finally to the patients which makes me feel part of all this global company.

    Director of Sales Mexico

  • All jobs has a rewarding aspect that makes the job feel NOT like ‘just another job’. At Elekta, this reward is about helping others.  With patient care, particularly cancer care, all the hardware issues, the software issues and even the human issues blend together to become a dynamic problem that is never the same.  Each day is different, each customer is different. Each requiring a different approach. The issues maybe similar, but yet dissimilar. This is what makes this job, NOT ‘just a job’. I enjoy working at Elekta because of challenges you encounter and the people you encounter.  Each of us, helping Each other to make a difference. And that difference is what provides a better customer experience.

    Product Support Specialist

  • What do you enjoy the most about working at Elekta?

    That is a tough question especially since I enjoy all the aspects of working here. What I enjoy the most would definitely be my colleagues at Elekta. I have never worked at a company where everyone is so friendly and helpful. Ever since my first day here people have bent over backwards to make sure that I was comfortable and had all the proper tools to do my job efficiently. It’s not just those in my home office either, it is everyone that I have come in contact with that works for the company. When you work with great people it makes it that much easier to come into work with a smile and get the job done.

    Accounts Payable Analyst

Current Elekta Employees

If you are a current employee, please apply via the Intranet. To access The Intranet, you must be logged into the Elekta network (or VPN if you are working remotely).