Elekta Synergy®

Elekta Synergy® Digital accelerator for advanced IGRT

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Proven technology for everyone, everywhere

Clinics are required to deliver high-quality, high-volume treatments with increasingly challenging access to capital and resources. Synergy Series is the perfect foundation. Establish your pathway to the innovations that have revolutionized cancer care around the world.


Unique Features

  • Green Beam Technology
  • Largest IGRT field of view
  • High patient throughput

Essential Features

  • Respiratory Motion Management
  • Integrated with Digital Control System
  • A choice of 2D, 3D and 4D image guidance

Inspiring Confidence

Efficient verification of tumor and critical structure, providing confident dose placement

“In my opinion, Elekta has led the way in image guidance in radiation therapy. It was the first to introduce image guidance with Elekta Synergy and the company does it better than any other provider—and that goes for software integration too.”
Dr. Lane R. Rosen, Radiation Oncologist, Willis-Knighton Cancer Center
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More than 1,500 systems in operation in over 70 countries

Elekta Synergy owns a vast installed base in a variety markets all over the world with its high quality and stable performance.

The largest imaging field of view from the advanced IGRT pioneers

Providing the industry’s largest IGRT field of view, Elekta Synergy enables you to deliver personalized patient care throughout the entire radiotherapy treatment process.

MLC with 2.5x less transmission and 15% larger dynamic field size

Ensuring continuous verification and accurate placement of all leaves, Elekta Synergy allows for faster, safer, more accurate delivery than non-digital systems.

Simplicity and Reliability

Take advantage of the latest clinical advancements simply and reliably

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“Both Elekta Synergy systems are very stable and reliable, and provide a smooth workflow in our department, with each system treating up to 50 patients per day.”
Dr. Bernd Gagel, Head of Radiation Therapy Dept., Klinikum Weiden

Established partner in startup, enabling over 150 sites to access RT every year

The Elekta Synergy system's user-friendly and reliable design allows more patients to be treated quickly and effectively.

Over 80% of Elekta linacs benefit from Elekta IntelliMax™ support

Elekta's securely controlled remote access enables predictive maintenance and proactive support—potentially boosting your bottom line through first-time fix rate, reduction in parts consumed, and helping avoid unplanned downtime.

Green Beam Technology (GBT) with *30% lower energy consumption

Green Beam Technology minimizes energy consumption and is designed to be careful with resources and reduce carbon emissions, while remaining affordable to meet investment needs.

Foundation for the Future

Designed to grow with your practice

“Moving forward, we see our partnership with Elekta as an opportunity to provide our patients with the highest quality care and the most recent technological advances in radiation oncology.”
Jonas Fontenot, PhD, Medical Physicist, Mary Bird Perkins Cancer Center
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Integrates with Elekta’s family of software

Fully integrated with Monaco® and MOSAIQ®, Elekta Synergy is designed to grow with your practice and support modern and advanced technologies such as IMRT, IGRT and VMAT.

Unlock advanced clinical and operational capabilities

Individualized patient care is possible through a range of techniques—from 3D conformal, through static and dynamic IMRT, to VMAT. With these advanced delivery techniques, you will no longer have to choose between speed and accuracy.

Enable and expand clinical practice with Elekta Care™ Learning programs

We offer product and clinical education—from intensive technical and clinical training to extensive continued education opportunities.

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