MOSAIQ® Plaza Connecting you to every moment of a patient’s journey

MOSAIQ® Plaza provides the intelligence to deliver Value-Based Healthcare.

Amidst the growing global need for access to quality radiotherapy treatments is a parallel drive towards increased personalization through precision therapy. Providers around the world are seeing the shift from volume to value.

Elekta delivers the critical digital technology oncology centers need to swiftly adapt and make value-based healthcare their new norm.

Why MOSAIQ Plaza?

  • A suite of digital tools connects you and your patients during treatment and through survivorship.
  • Access to granular patient data and care pathways optimizes treatment decisions and ensures the highest levels of decision support.
  • Connect to virtually any oncology medical device or treatment planning solution through one gateway to find what you need, whenever you need it.

MOSAIQ Plaza is a comprehensive ecosystem of digital tools providing the foundation to deliver precision radiation medicine and data-driven workflows allowing departments to continuously improve, touch more patients’ lives, and reduce costs.

Integrated Ecosystem of Digital Tools

With MOSAIQ Plaza, you and your patients are connected through every step of their journey into a smart and efficient data center. Gain easy access to all the information generated during treatment and beyond, helping you create more moments to focus on your patients.

The integrated software suite is designed to work seamlessly with Elekta’s radiotherapy systems to deliver comprehensive, pathway-driven, value-based healthcare. The technology helps drive efficient, standardized daily practice to bring people and information together.

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Complete oncology care management

MOSAIQ® Patient Engagement

Patient engagement beyond the hospital

MOSAIQ® Voice Automation

Work at the speed of voice

MOSAIQ® SmartClinic

Workflow management

MOSAIQ® Care Collaboration

Connect data and experts across disciplines

MOSAIQ® Oncology Analytics

Business intelligence for better care


Simplify the cancer registry process


Data-backed quality assurance

Monaco® HD

Seamless experience with confidence

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